OW Shaker - Barchair, Barstool, Bench, Desk Chair, Dining Chair

OW Shaker

#7068 OW Shaker - Arm Chair - Hi shown - shown with optional fabric seat

OW Shaker

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24inch Arm Barchair picture 1Oak
Brown Maple
Rustic Cherry
Hard Maple


#1983424" Arm Barchair$5$5$5$5$5
#708424" Side Barchair$250$275$300$335$400
#1983530" Arm Barchair$5$5$5$5$5
#708530" Side Barchair$260$285$310$350$410


#708024" Arm Swivel Barstool$335$370$400$450$535
#708124" Side Swivel Barstool$310$340$370$420$495
#708230" Arm Swivel Barstool$345$375$410$460$545
#708330" Side Swivel Barstool$320$350$380$430$510


#708836" Arm Bench$425$465$505$570$675
38H x 17D
#709136" Side Bench$395$430$470$530$625
38H x 17D
#708948" Arm Bench$555$610$665$745$885
38H x 17D
#709248" Side Bench$525$575$625$705$835
38H x 17D
#709060" Arm Bench$675$740$805$905$1,075
38H x 17D
#709360" Side Bench$645$705$770$865$1,025
38H x 17D

Desk Chair

#13198Arm Desk Chair - Hi$385$425$465$520$615
#7086Arm Desk Chair - Lo$375$415$450$505$600
#13199Side Desk Chair - Hi$365$400$435$490$580
#7087Side Desk Chair - Lo$355$390$425$475$565

Dining Chair

#7068Arm Chair - Hi$255$280$305$345$410
42H x 19W x 17D
#7066Arm Chair - Lo$245$270$295$330$395
38H x 19W x 17D
#7069Side Chair - Hi$235$255$280$315$370
42H x 19W x 17D
#7067Side Chair - Lo$225$245$265$300$355
38H x 19W x 17D

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Available Characteristics

The following lists Characteristics that can be added to itemsproduct #

Items with Upholstery Available

1.00 unit

7066-7069, 7080-7087, 13198-13199, 19834-19835

1.50 units

7088, 7091

2.00 units

7089, 7092

2.50 units

7090, 7093

Options Summary

Barstool from 30 to 36: +$35.00
Add hoof legs to any Western Saddle: +$5.00
Saddle Stool with Rustic Hickory with bark" + $25.00


The price for certain options may be based on the number of units an item has


available for
Diamond Walnut InlaysAdd    $107066-7069

Chair Base Type

Gas LiftStandard7086-7087, 13198-13199


WoodenStandardAll with Upholstery Available
FabricAdd, per unit    $25
All with Upholstery Available
$257066-7069, 7080-7087, 13198-13199, 19834-19835
$37.57088, 7091
$507089, 7092
$62.57090, 7093
Premium UpholsteryAdd, per unit    $35
All with Upholstery Available
$357066-7069, 7080-7087, 13198-13199, 19834-19835
$52.57088, 7091
$707089, 7092
$87.57090, 7093
LeatherAdd, per unit    $60
All with Upholstery Available
$607066-7069, 7080-7087, 13198-13199, 19834-19835
$907088, 7091
$1207089, 7092
$1507090, 7093

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