Traditional Roll Top Desk - Desk Hutch, Roll Top Desk

Traditional Roll Top Desk

#16285 Traditional Roll Top Desk - 30 Deep - 42 Wide shown
Oak with Medium: OCS-110 finish

Traditional Roll Top Desk

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Brown Maple
Rustic Cherry
Rs Hickory
Hard Maple

Desk Hutch

#16301Hutch for 42 Wide Desk$925$1,015$1,110$1,245$1,385
12D x 44w x 33H
#16302Hutch for 50 Wide Desk$1,030$1,130$1,235$1,390$1,540
12D x 52W x 33H
#16303Hutch for 56 Wide Desk$1,175$1,290$1,410$1,585$1,760
12D x 58W x 33H
#16304Hutch for 62 Wide Desk$1,380$1,520$1,660$1,865$2,070
12D x 64W x 33H
#16305Hutch for 68 Wide Desk$1,520$1,670$1,825$2,050$2,280
12D x 70W x 33H

Roll Top Desk

#1629526 Deep - 42 Wide$1,875$2,060$2,250$2,530$2,810
26D x 42W x 47.5H
#1629626 Deep - 42 Wide, Drawers on Top$2,050$2,255$2,460$2,770$3,075
26D x 42W x 51.5H
#1629726 Deep - 50 Wide$2,425$2,665$2,910$3,275$3,635
26D x 50W x 47.5H
#1629826 Deep - 50 Wide, Drawers on Top$2,635$2,895$3,160$3,555$3,950
26D x 50W x 51.5H
#1629926 Deep - 56 Wide$2,655$2,920$3,185$3,580$3,980
26D x 56W x 47.5H
#1630026 Deep - 56 Wide, Drawers on Top$2,915$3,210$3,500$3,935$4,375
26D x 56W x 51.5H
#1628530 Deep - 42 Wide$2,055$2,260$2,465$2,770$3,080
30D x 42W x 47.5H
#1628630 Deep - 42 Wide, Drawers on Top$2,235$2,460$2,680$3,015$3,350
30D x 42W x 51.5H
#1628730 Deep - 50 Wide$2,670$2,940$3,205$3,605$4,005
30D x 50W x 47.5H
#1628830 Deep - 50 Wide, Drawers on Top$2,840$3,125$3,410$3,835$4,260
30D x 50W x 51.5H
#1628930 Deep - 56 Wide$2,905$3,195$3,485$3,920$4,355
30D x 56W x 47.5H
#1629030 Deep - 56 Wide, Drawers on Top$3,175$3,495$3,810$4,285$4,760
30D x 56W x 51.5H
#1629130 Deep - 62 Wide$3,175$3,495$3,810$4,290$4,765
30D x 62W x 47.5H
#1629230 Deep - 62 Wide, Drawers on Top$3,470$3,815$4,160$4,680$5,200
30D x 62W x 51.5H
#1629330 Deep - 68 Wide$3,445$3,785$4,130$4,650$5,165
30D x 68W x 47.5H
#1629430 Deep - 68 Wide, Drawers on Top$3,765$4,145$4,520$5,085$5,650
30D x 68W x 51.5H

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Product Characteristics

The following lists Characteristics of itemsproduct #

Items with Doors - Hinged

16301-16302, 16304-16305

3.00 units


Items with Drawers

4.00 units

16285-16286, 16295-16296

7.00 units

16287-16294, 16297-16300


The price for certain options may be based on the number of units an item has


available for
Pencil Drawer in KneeholeStandard16285-16300
Keyboard Pullout - flip down front - in Kneeholeno charge16285-16300

General Options

Mission Styleno chargeAll
Add Leather Inlay Writing Pad in desktop - 16x26Add    $25016285-16300
LockEach, add    $20
All with Drawers
$8016285-16286, 16295-16296
$14016287-16294, 16297-16300
Secret Compartment in Cubby hole drawerEach, add    $2016285-16300
Secret Compartment in BaseboardEach, add    $5016285-16300


LightsAdd    $20016301-16305

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